A Just Harvest Needs Your Help - Tuesday, April 14


Due to COVID-19, A Just Harvest is no longer having volunteers serve meals in their dining room. Instead AJH staff are cooking meals FROM THE INGREDIENTS AND RECIPES THAT WE PROVIDE AND SERVING “TO GO” AT LUNCHTIME. Please continue to sign up on Sign Up Genius to “cook” (provide ingredients) and to provide salad, fruit and BOTTLED WATER, JUICE BOXES/”JUICE” DRINKS INSTEAD OF MILK.
We will still need to deliver the ingredients to AJH at least 24 hours in advance so that they can prepare the meals. We will need at least one person to volunteer to transport food contributions to AJH. That person will need to call AJH kitchen at 773-262-1766 before delivery and deliver between 9AM and 3PM.
Questions? Call or email Jenny Smith at 404-6642661 or Suzie Peregrine